My Thank You Note to a GMR Marketing Executive #Creative

I like to think outside of the box. More than ever now, because I’m still job prospecting. I attended a networking event @GMRMarketing here in Charlotte, NC. GMR has looong been in my pipeline of places I’d looove to work.

So, I met one of their VP’s of Sports Marketing….great right? I’ll send a linkedin connection request, see if he’s on twitter, join the linkedin group …you know, just wanting to get connected, build my networking rapport (you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t do those simple things) ….Oh yeah you could send a thank you card too, but I didn’t want to just send any ol’ thank you card to the company that I have been pining over since undergrad. 🙂 So what do I do? I concocted this!




A simple Tweet. Tangible Tweet…lol He’s on Twitter, but he has YET to tweet (the job of a VP is so demanding), so maybe this will compel him to get on Twitter, and at least give Sab a response 🙂

What do you think? p.s. this idea is Copyrighted!…lol 😛


UPDATE: @Mike_Boykin has another account that I found, still doesn’t tweet often…lol


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