Dear Milwaukee and the entire State of Wisc.,

You deserve the Miss Unfortunate Congeniality Award for 2010/2011 — you’ve been in the news all year long from Gov. Walker and his collective bargaining, to Senators leaving the State of Wisc. to prove a point, flash mob riots during the 4th of July weekend, ransacking gas stations, Wisc. State Fair Riots, to a Pregnant Mother of 7 being gunned down in front of her son.

I attended a networking event yesterday afternoon at Villa Antonio for Charlotte Networking Professionals, and would you believe it…I met a gentleman from Wauwatosa, Wisc ( a suburb of Milwaukee) …that’s actually where I moved from! 😀  — his name was Adam, an engaged financial adviser in Charlotte. Anyhow said he planned in taking his finance to the Wisc. State Fair in a few days. A guy from across the table interposed his sentiments about the State Fair Riots that he had been hearing about via the polarizing media. Therefore, being the second Milwaukeeian at the table I had to interject because I can’t have this entire table thinking adversely about black Milwaukee, stemming from the flash mob riots. The guy was like every other clueless person on the outside looking in. It’s so much more to it.

However I received more disconcerting news yesterday about the city I call home. This past Sunday a pregnant Milwaukee woman named Sharon Staples was gunned down in front of her 13 y/o son, because she didn’t want to give up her purse. This quickly made national headlines, riding off the coat tails of Milwaukee’s black youth terrorizing Wisconsin State Fair goers. My heart is aching for this woman, her family, and her son who witnessed his mother being brutally taken away from him forever. I can’t understand… I can’t wrap my mind around the violence surrounding a city with so much potential. I’m not going under the assumption that the robbers were Afr-American, I know they were! …per the area of town they were in, but the black-on-black violence in the city is enough for me to say I never wanted to start a family there. I never wanted to start roots in Milwaukee because this among many other reasons. The black-on-black violence is enough to drive many young progressive Afr-American’s out! Why don’t we want to see each other progress?? …and help each other move upward? Sharon was a enterprising business woman; hardly the reason why they targeted her, but nonetheless she was successful.  Drugs, teenage pregnancy, 50% MPS dropout rate, and 30-50% black male unemployment rate should be outraging enough to galvanize an entire community to DO SOMETHING!! Oratories, Call to Action Rhetoric Speeches, and Dumb Political Statements is not taking action. Open Letter Addressing the Dumb Statement. A plan should be concocted and action …actual action should be taken.

Milwaukee you embarrass me…



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