Caught between being Impressive. Mediocre. or Sucking.


My most recent interview with a Fortune (LMAO!!! ….random ….guy just walked past me walking like George Jefferson) ….ahem excuse me… My most recent interview with a Fortune 100 in Charlotte didn’t come to securing it fruition, and you want to know the reason why? The second interviewer thought I would get bored with the opportunity. I exemplified during my interview: poise, savvy, articulation, knowledge of the company, great answers, a fun conversation during the interview, passion for my career, depth of PR, and I stepped it up by giving press release lead examples for a media opportunity. I really showed my ass during the interview, showed it in a good way….but maybe too much? NO …heck NO! I know when it seems like I’m licking a companies ass…lol, and this was not the case. My initial thought was be prepared, because of the caliber of the company, you want to show them your aptitude that you’re a fit for the team.  —  What keeps tieing my panties in a bunch is that she said, she thought I would get bored, and suggested another opportunity that the company “may” have coming up — I’m thinking, why don’t you let me decide once I actually get into the company…I was pissed, disappointed (until I got a call the next day for another interview for a promising company in Charlotte)…but regardless it got me to thinking, and venting to friends. What the frick are they wanting?!!

One friend gave me an example, just based off knowing me for these few months — he said ” Sabrina imagine you are a “10” interviewing with three “6’s” in the room, one of the 6’s will get the job. ….. ‘scuse me? Not excuse me, but ‘scuse me! Whoa is me, did I miss something?! What’s wrong with being a 10?? I need a job right? I want a job correct? So why shouldn’t I come in there giving everything I have….it’s not a menial role that I’m going after — at least I don’t think they are, but I can’t understand why I need to play down my aptitude during the interview!

Okay, yes I’ve been told that I may be intimidating, but whose problem is that? I’m confident, my entire aura is that of Leadership and great Leadership Development! The Urban League has taught me well; that’s why I have such a great affinity for my organization. But according to my friend I need to think about either aiming higher (which I have, but they aren’t going to call me) or tone it down a little. I mean I’m not licking the employers arse in the interview, I’m just doing what a polished interviewer is supposed to do!

This post reminds me of an article I read in the Harvard Business Review Should You Hire an Overqualified Candidate 

Please weigh in Readers? Because I’m confused.


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