Acclimating Well. Networking Is Strategic …Loving Every Moment

Saturday evening I attended a house fundraiser for a Charlotte politician. It was my opportunity to once more network, mingle, leverage who Sabrina is, and really see the who’s who is Charlotte. It was a good event, at a beautiful home on the lake. I made some good introductions, and my appearance was that of a southern belle 🙂 *my dress*, but it an opportunity to strategically place my face and name there, so that people can begin to know who I am, as I continue in my job search in Charlotte. Remember it’s about who knows you in this town.

But it wasn’t just about networking for me, I regard the politician whose campaign I’m working on, he’s a great guy — and anything I can do to support I will. I can’t attest to what he’s done in Charlotte, well, aside from his bio, working on the campaign these past few months, and assimilating everything about him…what I meant was, this is my introduction to him as a transplant; and so far I appreciate what I’ve been hearing and what I am seeing from this politician.

I seen a few familiar faces in the place, people who I’ve been introduced to, or had meetings with since touching down. I’m building a good brand in Charlotte from my perspective. I’m likable, I have a great attitude *which I was told by a fundraiser attendee*, and I know how to navigate the scene, all it takes is a lot of savvy, determination, and a passion for success. This city breeds success, and I want to take all of it in, and BE the success that I aim to be. I love this town!

When I tell people that I want to fully immerse myself into the city of Charlotte, and learn about this community, that isn’t just a conversation rhetoric that I use. I’m a proponent of service, and outreach, and if this is the community that I want to rear my future kids in, I want to know about the “politics” of the city, I want to know how to help improve the school system, be involved, and make the community better.

This city is growing at an exponentially fast and successful rate, and I foresee Charlotte becoming the new Black Mecca of the South, I’m just glad that I am here to be a par,t and witness it!

A few friends have called me the social butterfly…I don’t necessarily like that name, because I don’t consider myself a social butterfly, I’m more purposeful and strategic in my approach of networking. Community Relations is my background, therefore, I’m supposed to be in the know, and make myself visible to the RIGHT people …and you know what… I think I’m doing a damn good job, stay tuned, and I just might get a job…lol THAT’S THE PLAN!

Thank You for following me on this journey…and quite the journey it is 🙂 – Sab

View from the Backyard...boy I would never go to work...horrible, horrible


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