#ThinkingOutsideOfJacksBox 30+

It’s been month, and I haven’t heard anything from Jack In the Box regarding them wanting to bring me in for interviewing, bummer. But I’m not going to give up, there’s still a possibility, with a lot of prayer. I’ve exhausted all of my creative tactics in regards to that organization — and exerted all new efforts for other orgs. that I am interested in s well. My creative energy never ends 🙂 I think if different ways to showcase and stand out for others.

What have I done? I’ve started a campaign to get their attention.. tweeting witty comments, my strong points, reasons why they should hire sayings…to shocwcase my writing …well in a 140 characters at least…my motivation and committment for the role, and fervent interest. I’ve gotten a mild response from posting on their facebook career page with “liked” responses, and then on Twitter Jack himself started to follow me!! 😀 The momentum was going…and then flat…lol I just don’t know, I’m still going at it, I won’t faulter…I promise you, b/c then that’s not motivation for you to read. I’m about motivating!

Friends, my networking acumen has been on 10+ I met some key people during the Gray Golf Classic Weekend, that was fab! 🙂  The welcome reception, was great, I really worked that room, trying to figure out who I needed to speak with, did that…. got their cards, met some important VP’s at Food Lion Corp, and the Black Chamber of Commerce. The women’s Brunch was amazing, it was just a camaraderie fest of women! I just hope all this networking actually turns into something 😐

…Im not much in the blogging mood right now, so I will cut this short. Check back soon.

– Sab

Updated: typo city!! corrections …lol


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