#ThinkingOutsideOfJacksBox Day 10

Today’s effort…and I’m still not done! 😀

Tweet via @Sab_1908It’s coming! DNC 2012!! @jackbox spotted this @ the #CLT airport http://twitpic.com/5in8wp #ThinkingOutsideOfJacksBox

Tweet via @Sab_1908: Let’s stratgz an thnk abt gtting @JackBox emplyee’s voluntrng 4 ths momentous evnt! JITB+Corp Respnblty = #DNC2012 #ThinkingOutsideOfJacksBox

— END —

 I’m tweeting for a career with Jack In the Box Corp. in their office here in Charlotte. It’s for a Regional Marketing Specialist role. I’m embarking on an entire Social Media Campaign dedicated to getting HIRED! I got their attention so far! Let’s see if I can secure the ultimate…the job! 😀

Want to follow what I’m going to Tweet next to @JackBox ? Follow me @Sab_1908


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