The Real Husbands of Hollywood – Hilarity!

Riley Freeman of the Boondocks would say “Sabrina you Gay” …and Huey Freeman of the Boondocks would say “I can’t get back those wasted hours of my life” …but contrary to how I may have originally felt regarding my loathing for BET… the #BETAwards 2011 were actually entertaining, and it was due to the amazing hosting job by comedian & actor Kevin Hart.

I enjoy watching Kevin Hart perform, his social media game is “real rap raw” according to Chocolate Droppa. Kevin and BET did a parody stemming off the Basketball Wives/The Real Housewives Reality TV franchise called “The Real Husbands of Hollywood”. Kevin Bravo! Because this was the funniest ish I could have ever watched, I was anticipating the next moment hoping for another skit portion, and he didn’t let me down, they introduced three skits of the “The Real Husbands of Hollywood” starring Kevin Hart, Bobby Brown, Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, and Nick Cannon. It was hilarious!!! Check Out Part 1 Below!

Part 1


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