My Meeting w/ Urban League of Central Carolinas CEO

If you haven’t been following my blog or tweets, you wouldn’t know that I was heavily involved with the Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals, serving in a few capacities during my tenture there, most recently their VP. I love the Urban League and what it represents in the community, and today upon my visit/tour to the league here in Charlotte, was a true representation of WHY “The Movement” (The Urban League Movement) has made me an Urban League’r for life! I have grown to love this organization with my constant involvement, and I implore you to do the same with your civic group.

Today I had a profound meeting with Urban League President & CEO Dr. Patrick Graham. Why? Because, I’m still job searching, and the Urban League network is a beast! 😀 I got a tour of their beautiful facility, and afterwards we started talking about race relations within the Charlotte community. Dr. Graham brought up some interesting facts that I hadn’t known about. He brought to mind that there are more black men in college, than there are in jail, but we were always told the opposite by the polarizing and terrorizing media. …or why black men are pegged not to succeed. So we decided to go gauge these young men, who are Urban League program participants by the way. 

Dr. Graham just walked up, and started asking questions of the young men. It was an awesome site to see their level of interest to what Dr. Graham was speaking to them about. The young men were very receptive, even participating in the dialogue.

He asked them why black men are essentially set up for failure? Not Dr. Graham’s words, but mine. They young men gave answers like: parents, the media, their environments, all play into why black men struggle in certain circumstances. They had no idea who he was, but I thought that was good that he didn’t need to say “Hi I’m Dr. Graham, President & CEO of the Urban League.“…lol The young men probably would have been less truthful, trying to speak as if a CEO would want to hear, and not as receptive. But because today is casual Friday, the Dr. came dressed casual, and the gentlemen were more apt to speak. Very good dialogue. I love the engagement, and realness of his entire aura. It’s not contrived, very laid back, relatable. Good Stuff & Good Meeting.

Yours In the Movement,


Check Out the video conversation excerpt after the jump!

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