Day 4 of #ThinkingOutsideOfJacksBox

It’s going productive! I implemented my creative marketing strategy to the recruiter for the position I want …it got her attention!! That’s the whole goal. And, if…and when I get the role — I will certainly share my tactics, but know that I’m a CREATIVE marketing communications person. I think outside of the box often, everyday, and I implore you to do that same! Think of what you can do to get that employers attention. It could be something as creative as wearing your resume of your shirt (printed) Getting a particular (printed) saying on the shirt making people aware that you are looking for a job. *those tips are free* πŸ˜› It’s those simple creative resume tactics that will get you noticed. Also see Thank You Note

Social Media has gotten people jobs just ask Laura G of GMR Marketing.

Another key is…it has to be fun for you. #SocialMedia is fun for me, and I enjoy learning new techniques, new apps, new websites, discovering new passions. You have to love what you do, and although loving what you do may not always pay the bills at the moment, it will certainly pay itself off in the end. Stay prayful and WANT SUCCESS.

p.s. follow my hashtag updates #ThinkingOutsideOfJacksBox & #TOOJB to @JackBox



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