For the latter of almost 10 years my heart has been in the City of Charlotte, NC. Many people question why I have such a strong affinity for the place, but it’s not really easy to explain because there are so many reasons why. It’s the friendly people, the beautiful weather, the job growth, the southern charm, the vibrancy of its cultural and social scene..and did I mention the weather?…lol

I’ve applied so many places …and I’ve had only 2 interviews in the last 3 years, of aggressively searching. I’ve gone down for leisure/business for a few weeks, I’ve gone during CIAA prospecting and praying that one day it’s going to happen for me…praying hard.

I’ve tried so many times to get to the place that I feel brings me so much joy, and I came close to getting there this March 2011. I had my second interview at a place there, and as of now, two weeks I haven’t heard anything. My heart says there a chance, but all rationale says I should give it up *tears* Considering that I have been avidly job searching for quite sometime, and then I find a position that speaks to me personally…in a city that I absolutely love —- it pains me how close I came. It pains me to see how hard I really worked, and the leaps and bounds that I jumped through — it pains me that I exerted so much of myself into capturing this role, that I’m not sure if I can get the courtesy and respect that I put into this interview. I haven’t heard anything. Well, I did e-mail my contact last week Monday, and got a response, that I was so totally stoked about by the way…lol. Because it told me there was still a chance after a week.

Now two weeks have gone by, and I’m thinking realistically…there probably isn’t a likelihood *tears* But my prayers are still in full strength, because I believe in what’s greater than me.

I was watching Oprah’s Master Class this past Sunday…and she said something that truly inspired me even more to pray…and to pray harder. She mentioned something about …there is only Divine Order…No luck — everything happening in your life is preparing you for the moment that is to come.

– January 2011 I find this position posted on PRSACharlotte.org.

– I applied. On-line. Because it gave me the option to submit via e-mail or snail mail it.

– I did research on people who worked there…I scowarded the website…then went to linkedin…and BINGO found someone

– Great! Jon Doe is on Twitter…and they’re in the dept I’m applying for…and they’re a politician…very important person 🙂

– Went to Mr. Does Twitter feed..realized …doesn’t talk much…a lot of it is from #fb feeds.

– sent a tweet “to say hello” #networkingtweet

– go to facebook “liked” the fan page…watched for updates that I liked

– seen that we had a few friends in common…one of which I know personally *excited*

– reached out to the mutual friend asked if he can introduce me….he did and gave me a wonderful recommendation #winning

– Mr. Doe responded, and noted that I should snail mail it because they are disregarding all e-mail submiussions….NOTED and SENT NEXT DAY 1st CLASS USPS

– Throughout I watched Mr. Does twitter feeds …fb feeds anything of interest I commented on it

– Asked to connect with Mr. doe via linkedin…when accepted I waited a week, and then sent a message via e-mail

– then sometime later I get another unsolicited recommendation to Mr. Doe from a friend that now resides on Charlotte from Milwaukee, because she knew him too! #winning

If how all this came together isn’t divine order…then I don’t know what is!! That’s why in my heart I feel like it’s meant to be. However, how I have been feeling lately…I feel like God doesn’t want me happy…I feel like he doesn’t want to reward my hard work *tears* I often ask him why doe he like seeing me cry, why does he like seeing me struggle? But he doesn’t answer. He hasn’t for quite some time. But I still speak to him…often, even though I feel neglected. But everything still goes unanswered *tears*

Lord knows how hard I have been looking for work, and everyday gets harder and harder…I can’t look at the upside, because there hasn’t been one…I still pray that I am given that opportunity that I worked so hard for, because I’m not sure how much more I can take of everything. They say God won’t place more on you than you can bare….well…I’ve fallen on the floor, and I can’t get up….my spirit is broken, and all my hopes and dreams are on me getting to the place that I love.

I sent Mr. Doe an e-mail f/u and I still haven’t heard anything…I don’t want to assume the worst….but what else is there?


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