My Interviews

I had two phone interviews on Friday that went really well! 😀
…. I had one e-mail screening questionnaire for another organization…and I needed to respond back with a time to interview this upcoming week. And just when I thought I was done….I received a call from another company I had applied to in August…August the second to be concise …I keep track of everything 🙂
During that call …we set up a phone interview for Monday. So it’s safe to say I’m excited….however I’m remaining subdued with my excitement, because…well….I just am. Wouldn’t you be?? Until I get that awesome offer I’m just remaining hopeful. But I can’t contain my happiness… 🙂 Another reason I’m subdued is….I received some spiritual news that referenced otherwise :-/

Still happy though 🙂

Paying my 9/11 Respects all day #iwillneverforget



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