Scary Seeing My Name

So I was doing my daily …whatever it is that I actually do when I’m reviewing stats from my organizational website or looking into google analytics…trying to determine ways that will help bring more traffic to the site by placing hidden tags on the website and…

I came upon the the websites Search Key Phrases. My name was within’ it…  My name! ….twice…twice in Search Key Phrases.

The one that really threw me aback was the “picture of …”and then my name” Yikes!!

So that means someone was looking to see HOW I LOOKED per my resume that I disseminated. Why? Does that deduce that they may not even call me because of my nationality or my look?? I put myself out there intentionally because I’m a social media buff. If I’m claiming that Im all about social media on my resume…then  it only necessary that I have a social media resume! I mean that’s my only reason for putting this blog out here, is to get potential employers to look to see who I am? Fun and Quirky! I often play with the notion…should I even be doing this? Having all of me online? But it’s necessary. It even took me a while to build a LinkedIn Profile… I don’t like linkedin…I think it’s pointless :-/ But it’s out there.

Anyhow I do know that Big Brother Potential Employer is watching…lol And I hope that they like what they see enough to call me 🙂 Especially you Google Search “Picture of Sabrina Jackson”



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