Thanks for probing my SEO Knowledge in PR EVP

I spoke with a EVP for Human Resources today via e-mail for a reputable integrated marketing agency here in Milwaukee. I was proactive in reaching out to her regarding my job exertions. We’ve spoken in brief before via e-mail for another position I had applied for with that company, she seems like a really nice person…and she probed me a little about how much I knew about SEO. The reason is she’s getting ready to post a position and she asked my thoughts on it, as it relates to my qualifications. Initially looking at it… I said Yikes…but as I read on…I said these are things that I have done inadvertently with my group for our website. — So I answered her back HONESTLY (hoping not to place the nail on the coffin) but it has to be a good fit for me as well we the agency right. She appreciated my candid response…I had to be…because I’d hate to get the job….suck and then get fired. However I’m confident with direction that I can learn this role on top of what I already know about HTML & SEO. With that she noted that she will roll out the position soon…and I’ll be looking for it! πŸ˜€ Once again, she just seems like a really nice person, and if her e-mails are reflective of the company as a whole…I WANT IN…lol

P.S. an Executive VP sd my resume was nice! *SMILES* I mention because I received a GENERAL harsh assessment from someone I didn’t even know on-line…heck I didn’t event know it was getting assessed…lol And at the end of this persons assessment they recommended I pay 350 for a professional to write it…NOT! I gather they got my resume from an on-line place where I was job searching.

Nonetheless this EVP has restored my confidence that I have a good strong resume πŸ™‚ thank you EVP!!

With that here’s a great SEO article for PR Pros SEO for PR: Understanding keywords and backlinks



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