How Am I? Fine is My Sincerest Wish…

I got unfortunate news today…well not received yet…but I did a bit of investigative research…well… okay here it is. I seen this position on-line that I posted for…got a call for…interviewed for…and as of TODAY the position is no longer posted. *crying* *upset* *hurt* *disappointed* yes all of those feelings. All the while I still haven’t received a call back yet or an official rejection notice. It’ll be two weeks tomorrow. It’s safe to assume right? But I’m not sure .. I think that all signs are pointing to yes Jackson..move on. But I worked so hard for it… I worked really hard, and I prayed and I prepared and I’m doing everything RIGHT! Or at least that’s my thought. Until someone comes and blatantly says what I am doing is wrong, Im just going to continue on my path for that job…and not just ANY job.Β  This has definitely been the hardest month for me…. I know you’re probably saying geez Jackson…it’s just been a month!! But that month has been excruciating… Seeing as how I’ve told no one but family and one friend. So my social life has taken a nose dive.

The trend is that for the recently unemployed…there will be feelings of dejection, sadness, hopelessness. And those waves are new for many every day. But we’re not any of those things. Our circumstances do NOT define who we are, or who we will end up becoming. That’s just not the person I am, or who I want to be…who is this person you ask? This person that is currently feeling like a failure… an absolute failure. I know I’m not a failure…but when you’re not getting where you’re trying to be …and you’re making proactive attempts over and over again, and everyone around you is successful and bountiful and flourishing…it gets so daunting and hopeless, and dejection often looms. Sometimes I don’t even feel like I went to college and graduated…lol I did with Honors actually. *sigh* I swear I can write a book with all the job plights I have gone through.

But one thing still remains constant πŸ™‚ I love PR and Communications…and while I am still sad about one thing…my pr efforts on other things are helping me get through. I still write the releases…I still think of strategic marketing strategies…Im still planning events and trying to secure venues…. just the whole gamut of PR and communications…keeps me busy and keeps my portfolio updated…lol

Thank You for being patient with me and my feelings of “when” because I just don’t know “when”



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