Cheating on My Blog

I have been thinking about starting a tumblr blog. And to just brief you on what tubmlr is…it’s another blog medium but easier and simpler to manage and post information. It’s an easier way to share what your life entails, what you love, what you’re thinking, and you care about..etc etc. I’ve been thinking. But one of the first things in social media donts is to not over extend yourself with what you are managing. So I have been cheating on my blog with the thought…. just the mere thought.

I’m starting a NEW today…with my job search. Yesterday I began to look out-of-town mainly in Charlotte, North Carolina, while also sticking my nose in D.C. & back to Milwaukee. I can’t keep pigeon holding myself trying to stay in Milwaukee. Therefore I have to keep my options open. So here’s to another productive day of job searching, news reading, and trend watching πŸ™‚



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