Leadership Lessons from a Passionate Jackson

This is my angry face. I’m coming into my leadership…I’m learning the hard way that I have to be poised, diplomatic and strategic because of my role. I learned that I have to send e-mails with the idea that it can get in the wrong hands. I have to be diplomatic in every e-mail I send going forward. I sent an angry e-mail to someone who is no longer my friend…that I essentially loathe. Within the e-mail this person challenged my maturity, because I asked this person to not send me messages or e-mails because everything that this person does send over is: bitter, not supportive, angry, criticising … every e-mail…and it got to the point where I just no longer wanted to receive correspondences from this person. YOu see this person is no longer on the organizational board, this person got removed…and because they are no longer on the organizational board this person is very bitter, not supportive, angry, criticising, and immature in every regard.

Within my correspondence I noted: You’re someone who I am borderline loathe…and don’t question my maturity, as I will always be more maturer than you. I am simply asking that you not send me e-mails, correspondences, and to ensure that I don’t…every message you attempt to send will go to my delete/trash.

Harsh? That’s how I felt…still do ..and I wouldn’t change it. You see this person  has gotten to me over the past year of their constant bitterness, not supportive, angry, criticisms, and immature in every regard. Every call…every e-mail…every encounter this person is all those things. After a year this will start to weigh on any person, as it did me. Thus, this person sends the e-mail to my fellow board member and then it transpired from there. This has been culminating over a year. Whereas me and this person would argue fun lovingly and be friends tha next day however something major has happened this past year. What was this person’s goal? To attempt to make me look bad? It makes me look angry, and despising, which I admit to. I was angry at the constant attacks on what we aren’t doing…or what we could be doing . But is Leadership supposed to be angry and spiteful? Can that even happen? Well at least try to mask it…right? Now… I have been in situations where there were people I didn’t necessarily like working with…or didn’t regard…but my maturity for what the bigger picture is… always surpassed my disdain for an individual. Because those situations will always arise…always. The objective is to remain civil & respectful. But this person brings out the loathing in me because of their constant HATE and bitterness….

SOOOO….mid-type I get this tweet video from someone I’m following http://youtu.be/PV6Ki_sau7g

Ohh M..Geee…lol GOD sent me this video…after that…there is no more I need to type. I just need to continue talking with my confidant Talma 🙂

My Leadership is 24/7 thus…I can’t spew out e-mail messages of loathe and disdain to people who are merely my constituents & comrades



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