I have accepted that HIS plan isn’t always your plan? Well ….how do I make HIS plan…my plan? Accepting what he has envisioned for you? I truly believe that HE doesn’t do things out of dislike…or trying to teach you a lesson…or anything adverse. But he does it with the best of intentions…I truly believe that. My days havent been as eventful…but I’m keeping myself busy and immersing myself in this job search. Trying not to get overwhelmed and chafed by doingn’t just this. Adhereing to http://bit.ly/c7Y45m 🙂

I want my life back…my fun vibrant…easy-going.. free life back…and it’s pretty darn hard to re-acquire that in my circumstance. So what do I do? Continue to mull over the unfortunate or make the best of(whatever that is) …and control what I can control? What “can” I control though? I’m still looking to find out…lol I just wish I was doing something a lot more productive with my life and time right now…than searching for a job.

Furthermore…my dog sitting this past weekend…I still want a dog. A Cute. UN-shedding. Small dog. that barks…lol I had a dog that doesn’t bark..that’s like an anomaly ..lol It was kind of fun though. I got an opportunity to explore my neighborhood…meet some friendly neighbors. It was nice. The highlight of my weekend…wait for it…it’s lame….lol ” Watching  “The Lovely Bones”…and crying…lol


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