My “Professional” Face

Yesterday I had my organizational meeting… it went great. Anytime I’m volunteering I feel a whole lot better than what I have been currently feeling. Public Service is a great way to fuel you in times of imbalance. We presented scholarships to the students, and we were installed as board chairs, we high-lighted our conference, and we boasted about our award. It was a good meeting… it was a good evening.

I went on a interview the other day. I think it went really well…I’m hopeful, but the unknowing always to put it plainly sucks…lol I liked the company…I liked my interviewers. But they know what they want, and I’ve done my part…well. So stayed tuned via this blog to hear the outcome.

Oh I get to dog sit this weekend. It’s a huge dog too…lol I think he’s a pitbull I think, friendly lazy pitbull. Never ever barks…lol I’ve never heard him bark. But this will be my first experience..I’ve always wanted a dog, so this will be my opportunity sort of to see how I can handle a stinky friend…lol

Next Thought: #oneofmyfollowers hasn’t even checked on my well-being. Knowing about it. So not sure how I feel…but it’s not good. But don’t you hate that? People not being true to their intended friendship? I’ve always been a loyal friend, unrelenting loyal friend. And when someone doesnt return the gesture. It’s hurtful.

Love what you do. …and what I do it PR & Communications. I love it.

On to the searching board!


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