Happy Day After Friday the 13th

I got frustrated last night…working on a social media piece…technology kept poking me…and I got upset and exited. To top things off…what I had been working on …for hours…was deleted. :-/

SO…on to the next one.

Have i ever mentioned why I love communications, pr, imc? No ….it allows so much room for creativity. And when your creativity emits a ROI out of this world, it’s an amazing feeling and accomplishment for yourself. The long nights of sitting there thinking and toiling away…the 3:00a moments where you’re thinking of ideas to help cultivate and promote a brand…that’s fun for me. While I acknowledge I don’t always have the out-of the box idea…I have an idea, and I surround myself with minds that can help mold that idea. I’ve always loved IMC, PR, and Communications And I’m excited over the moon to see what this new opportunity or chance will allow me to do. I’ve already am doing the research on the company …just need to seal the deal πŸ™‚ *praying*



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