I’m excited. I am. I have a promising meeting set-up next week. I’ve been quite the busy productive BEE πŸ™‚ Creating a positive and marketable on-line presence for myself is another job in itself. I’ve been working on my own personal slideshare marketing piece.. It’s coming along, I’m still collating a few idea’s…but it’s definitely coming along. Therefore that’s another reason for me to be excited. I’ve always liked slideshare, which is why I created one …maybe 4-5 months ago for my organization marketing. But then I just stopped mid-creation…and just said that I can’t be ALL social media’s for my group. We can’t have an on-line presence everywhere. I maintain the Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Flickr. and Slideshare. Which I will soon delete. …& our Website! The key to a successful social media presence for any non-profit is to feed it with engaging content. And that’s it. Feeding It! there were times I thought about creating a ning, I deleted our Myspace, and a host of others…but unless there is a team dedicated to the social media presence, you shouldnt try to be everywhere. Find the outlet that most suits your organization and have fun with it! I DO!

I participated in Twitter’s #SmallBizChat yesterday via @Sab_1908. It was extremely fun, and informative connecting with so many savvy IMC, PR Pro’s! I acquired some awesome followers, and people to follow! I felt like one of the It was great. My constant need for knowledge assimilation is a disease. I have to know what’s going on in the world, staying on top of trends, and just knowing the world around me. Alright. Back to work… I’m getting swamped with event e-mail.

Let’s make this a Productive rest of the day! PR Rules!…lol



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