I have two blogs…the other is my private vent journal since 2007 via google… I’ve neglected it…I’ve had no reason to vent…lol I reverted to the old school journal. Stone Age Pen & Pad…lol And while I still continue to write in my personal journal,  I still love to look back at this blog regarding all the fun-times I’ve had with friends that have moved away. My Crush. :-* and how Door County was the best!! 😀 Yep me and a large group of friends spent the weekend in Door County a few winters ago.

Today I also did something that was way out of character for me: I spoke with a Career Coach. Who’ve thought? I got her card from my conference this past July. She really inspired me to “DO IT”…. to just frikin’ DO IT! Much like I’ve been talking about doing for years. I don’t want any more years to pass me by. She was great though, that’s her specialty…I just never would have thought I would revert to that…you definitely have to come with an open spirit and mind. When you have so much quality time on your hands it’s fun to see what you can accomplish during that time. It was motivating. So much so I HIT the SEND BUTTON…lol I mean why not? (subliminal blogging)


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