How Was My First Official *Weekend* U/E

It was good… I definitely did things to get out of the house and my mind off life’s turbulence. ..and when you think about it…well when I think about it…that’s exactly what it is …turbulence. A point of turbulence that will soon subside. Upon my church service yesterday, the sermon hit a nerve. …it said you can’t live your life from the outside-in…but from the inside-out. Life’s “turbulence(s)” do not define the person you are …or the person you will end up being, and this was definitely something I needed. I spend so much energy trying to work on the exterior to hide the circumstance, that I was negligent about the interior. Negligent about trying to determine what I needed to do to make myself happier, a better person, and what I can do to feel motivated and better on the inside. ..and then all the other stuff will just seem like turbulence, and not a plan crashing.

I went to visit my mother on Saturday πŸ™‚ …and I even took in a movie “The Other Guys” with Mark Walberg & Will Ferrell. HILARIOUS! That was exactly what I needed. I mean face it…at this point in a person’s life when they are going through rough times. Comic relief is always needed, and it helps …it truly helps. The rest of the day I spent working on this proposal for my organization. — The next day I hung out with my friend here in ‘tosa. He provided the comic relief that I needed as well…and then I spoke to my Best Friend Talma …that always gives me that much needed boost of friend-doom πŸ™‚ My ‘tosa friend hit a nerve yesterday too in our talk… He said I needed to stop talking about it…What am I waiting for?!…another few years are going to pass! …etc etc. All the stuff I KNOW…but it’s always easier to say. I’ve tried it once…twice…maybe three times will be my charm πŸ™‚



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