Hello Loverlies :-)

Good Morning *Loverlies…. I learned that from a friend that moved to London a year and a half ago…lol Been using it ever since. I made my way to a Starbucks this morning, (5th time this week)… that I deign to be at sometimes, but it’s close to my final destination, and I deduce I just wanted a new change of atmosphere from the house. The staff sensed my mundane demeanor, and snatched a smile out of me πŸ™‚ …my one friend sensed my mundane attitude over the phone yesterday… and… well…. I’m glad that I was able to call Talma my best friend in Atlanta.

My run yesterday was excellent.. runs always do a great deal for me, because I get this wonderful adrenaline going, I stretch to the point where it hurts; which still feels good, and just being able to take in nature. Nevermind the 4-5 mosquito bites I received why sitting by the stream/river. But nonetheless it was great. πŸ™‚

How Am I Doing: My mind is still in a blur… hard to fully fathom… because this “situation” is definitely new. My mother has been the best…she’s called me practically everyday…supporting me to no-end, and all I want to do is something great for her, not nice but great for my mother. She calls and asks, do I need this or that, did you want me to help you with this or that…and my answer simply is: No Mother. Our relationship has definitely become stronger. Not to forget my amazing aunt….she’s has been a blessing as well, she has been my other ultimate supporter. I’ve said thank you to no-end… trying not to cry while I say it, but she has just been the best supporter a niece could ever have. I don’t know what I would do without her …and that is the literal truth. When, I often mull over my relocation initiatives, and because I have them here…it’s hard to still fathom leaving. But not so much that it’s not in my plan because it’s definitely still in my plan!…lol

I’ve been thinking of ways to enhance my PR/ Communications portfolio while I have this extra time…and it’s all about implementing them. My entire portfolio isn’t on-line via this site…but its just some of the work that I deem “really good work” Enough for prospects to get an idea. I have some idea’s in my head… But WordPress only let’s you do so much…lol

I think I’m going to take in a funny movie .. I was thinking the movie “The Other Guys” … anything with Will Ferrell is hilarious, so why not? At this point I really need a laugh…a good one. Or just good company.


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