I just sent a press release out on behalf of my organization (I’m the Public Relations) and I received an humbling accolade from my Board Chair!!


Congratulations in receiving the Outstanding Member Award – Central Region during the NUL’s Centennial Conference last week. On behalf of the MUL Board of Directors and I, we are proud of you and your commitment to the community, MULYP and the MUL.


Why am I not estatic? Maybe because in the mist of looking for work again, I feel somewhat like a fraud. I mean I do all these great things in the community, acknowledged on a national scale…I still feel like I can do so much more, but because of how I feel right now, it’s hard to be happy about all the accolades. Truly Hard. But I definitely show face…lol Don’t mistake it.. I am happy about the collective award. Just not over the moon about my award yet…I will be. It’s just be delayed.

This Starbucks has my stomach feeling interesting…lol Let’s Make this a productive day!



2 thoughts on “…Humble

  1. Sabrina, there is no reason for you to feel like a fraud you earned it and I praise you and all your humility. I know you will take this award and just use it as motivation to work harder and push for change on the next level

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